Pre-requisite Coursework

Applicants to Medical University of the Americas from the U.S. or Canada are expected to have completed at least three years of under-graduate studies or the equivalent of 90 semester hours or 135 quarter hours, including pre-medical requirements, from an accredited college or university.

Students who lack these requirements are invited to consider the highly structured Pre-medical Program, which offers comprehensive preparation and a smooth transition to the M.D. program.

Required Coursework for the M.D. Program

The following courses are required for admission to the M.D. program:

General biology or zoology


One academic year (6 credit hours). 

Inorganic chemistry (with lab)


One academic year (6 credit hours).

Organic chemistry (with lab)


One academic year (6 credit hours).

English (recommended)


One academic year (6 credit hours).

Other Coursework

A broad general education is important to developing a compassionate and caring approach to medicine. Therefore, MUA encourages students to complete courses in the arts, social sciences, philosophy, literature and the humanities.

Students completing courses such as cell biology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, physics, mathematics, statistics and psychology/interpersonal skills and communication are given preference in admissions.

The Admissions Committee actively seeks to enhance the international representation of the MUA student body and therefore takes into account academic and scholastic differences that exist throughout the world. Although an English translation of coursework may be required, students from all countries can be assured of equal consideration for admission to the medical school.