Going to medical school is very challenging, very rewarding and also very expensive. There is no question that the cost of higher education in general, and graduate education in particular, is a major challenge and keeps many promising students out of careers they are more than qualified for.

MUA has always been committed to maintaining an affordable tuition. In fact, among the top tier international medical schools located in the Caribbean—those with the important approvals and accepted for Title IV US Federal Direct Student Loans—MUA is the most affordable tuition: a full 30-40 percent lower than some of the others. (See the chart below.)

We publish our fees and tuition on our website (http://MUA.edu/admissions/financial-information) and work closely with students on loans and payment arrangements. Our goal is to make the process as straightforward and transparent as possible. We don’t do a lot of marketing and advertising. We also don’t suddenly discover “scholarship” funds to attract students. We focus on being affordable and attracting the best possible students.

In addition to being one of the very few international medical schools that are approved to be part of the U.S. Federal Direct Student Loan program, MUA’s tuition structure fits in with the financial resources available to Canadian students, both for provincial loans and private sources of funding. (Learn more at http://MUA.edu/admissions/financial-aid)