Since its founding in 1998, MUA has earned a reputation for academic excellence—and graduate success—that has made it a leader among international medical schools.

Today, you will find MUA graduates in practice at leading hospitals and medical centers across the US and Canada.

Almost universally, MUA graduates credit the small class sizes and educational philosophy that emphasizes close student-teacher interaction as critical to their success. MUA students get the one-on-one attention in basic sciences and the coaching in clinical rotations that lead to top scores on the USMLE and excellent residency placements.

MUA has also implemented the modern, systems-based approach to medical education that has been established as critical for preparing the next generation of physicians. From your first semester in Gross Anatomy to the shelf exams at the end of the Basic Sciences curriculum, MUA offers a structured, rigorous academic curriculum that models closely what you will find at medical schools in the U.S. or Canada.

Small classes. Close-student interaction. Extensive mentoring. An outstanding curriculum. Those are key building blocks for success—and there are many more.