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The White Coat Ceremony in Medical Schools

The white coat ceremony is relatively new in the medical profession, having been created in 1993.

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The White Coat Ceremony

Things you should know before becoming a medical student

The life of a doctor is challenging yet highly rewarding and preparation for this role begins during medical school.

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Everything you Need to Know about Match Day

Residency placements are decided during the match process on what is referred to as ‘Match Day’ and mark an important point for every medical student

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Match day

What is the difference between a medical examiner and a forensic pathologist? - MUA

Medical examiners and forensic pathologists can often be talked about interchangeably, however, they are different and require unique training

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MUA Students in classroom

How can you determine a Caribbean medical school’s quality?

While looking for the best Caribbean medical schools to study at, you’ll have to conduct a rigorous amount of research.

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MUA medical school students

Five reasons why it is never too late to become a doctor

While many nurture the dream of becoming a doctor from an early age, for some the decision arises at a later stage in life. Often factors like meeting

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What inspires people to become doctors?

Medicine is one of the most respected professions in the world. Saving lives and nursing people back to health is a job that has a strong sense of mor

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What inspires people to become doctors

Technical Standards Required by Doctors

It is an established fact that the medical profession is one of the most dignified and respected jobs in the world. The life of a doctor however, in..

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Why study Medicine in Nevis?

Looking for a medical school in the Caribbean? Medical University of the Americas is based on the island of Nevis and can help you kickstart your...

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