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How to Choose a Residency

For every medical student, it’s the big decision—really a series of decisions: the what and where of your residency

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Getting an MD is More Challenging Than Ever: The Numbers Tell the Story

Getting into medical school has always been a challenge. But there is growing data to suggest that it is more difficult than ever.

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First-Year Medical Students in 2017: More Women Than Men

Medicine has historically been a male profession—for years most medical schools would not seriously consider women applicants. That’s been steadily ..

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Family Medicine Is Now “In-Demand”

For nearly 20 years, an organization known as the Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS) has been compiling a “demand index” of medical ...

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Famed NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw on Diversity in Medicine

For a vivid picture of the diverse world of healthcare today, read the recently published opinion piece in The New York Times by famed NBC newscaster

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Don’t Let These Five "Reasons" Keep You From Becoming a Doctor

On the long list of life’s great questions, deciding whether or not to attend medical school ranks well up there.

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Key criteria to consider when evaluating Caribbean medical schools

Key criteria to consider when evaluating Caribbean medical schools While attending medical school in their home country is the preference of most U.S

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Nevis Named "Amazing Caribbean Islands to Visit"

What a great piece of coverage, studying medicine in the Caribbean is really a life-changing decision.

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