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Chisom Ikeji

Chisom Ikeji

Chisom Ikeji

Geriatrics Fellowship at Yale/New Have Hospital

Chisom majored in Biological Sciences with a minor in Nutrition at the University of Alberta, and traded in the cold weather of Canada for the warmth of Nevis.
"I enjoyed living on the island. The people were kind and the beaches on Nevis were gorgeous. I was very focused on my work at MUA though, and spent alot of time studying which didn't leave much beach time. But it was certainly nice to know that I had them there as an option." "My classes were organized and the teachers were dedicated. I met people from all over the world and made lifelong friends." When not studying, Chisom enjoyed teaching a workout class, and participating in the "MUA Olympics" where the Canadian students faced off against the American students in multiple sports, with the most popular being basketball.
"Indian Summers was my favorite restaurant, that is when we weren't treating ourselves to dinner at the Four Seasons resort on the island." Chisom enjoyed the opportunity to do her clinical rotations in a variety of places, particularly the opportunity to do some core and elective rotations in Canada that MUA helped set up for her. She matched into a three year residency in Internal Medicine at Medstar in Baltimore, and developed an in interest in Geriatrics. "Geriatric medicine is about dealing with complex medical problems and addressing the patient as who whole, it is really more like an art. It can be challenging, yet also very rewarding, when you make significant improvements to a patients life. It is a field of medicine that keeps you young." "Yale has one of the top Geriatric Programs in the country, so I was so happy to get a Fellowship in Geriatrics at Yale"

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