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Kishan Sitapara, M.D.

Kishan Sitapara, M.D.

Kishan Sitapara, M.D.

Resident Physician, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Volunteering and giving back have always been part of Dr. Sitapara’s life. He served as part of the emergency medical team at the NYC marathon this past November and shares “it is one of the largest mass injury events of the year, where hundreds of people are treated for mostly sprains, dehydration and other non-life threatening injuries.”
While undergrad at The George Washington University he served as President of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), and Co-President of the Indian Students Association (ISA), in addition to his work as an EMT. While at MUA he was a new student mentor throughout his four years of medical school. When looking to go to medical school he says "I did my research and read about the great success of MUA grads, and the fact that the island was beautiful and conducive to studying really helped my decision making process. I read that all that you need and want is there, but with minimal distractions, so I decided this was the right environment for me. My Basic Science courses were initially tough, and really required a whole new take on studying. What was great about MUA was that the professors knew that this was an adjustment, and worked with us to help develop good study habits. This is the beauty of a smaller medical school environment like MUA.” Kishan loved the clinical experience, mainly because it allowed him to explore different areas of interest, and gave him the flexibility in his electives to go where his interests took him. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation was the field he chose. “Growing up I decided if I couldn’t play in the NBA then I would learn to treat those athletes by becoming a PM&R doctor. I love this field because it focuses on the functionality of the body. We often say in the field, that it isn’t only about adding years to your patient’s life but about adding life to their years”. Matching into his first choice in Prelim Internal Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center, he was selected “Intern of the Year” by his colleagues. He now has an advanced position in his area of passion, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Montefiore, and has his eye on a possible fellowship in interventional pain management. Says Dr. Sitapara,"it is truly rewarding to be able to change someone’s scope of pain."

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