Barun Mahat

Barun Mahat


Associate Professor of Clinical Science

Clinical Science


Dr Barun Mahat is an Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Skills at Medical University of the Americas, Nevis, West Indies.

Dr Mahat completed his Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Clinical Physiology from Maharjgung Medical Campus Teaching Hospital, Institute of Medicine and Kathmandu, Nepal. He has been actively involved in teaching learning activities for medical, dental and nursing streams since 2006.

He has participated in various conferences and seminars held in Nepal and Malaysia. He has special training in primary trauma care and in diagnostic Upper-GI-Endoscopic.

He has published seven papers in international/national scientific journals. His field of interest is in sleep physiology. In 2014, he organized (as a joint organizing secretary) the first International Conference of Physiology (called ACPAS-20)

  • Clinical skill
  • Neuroscience,
  • Clinical Physiology
  • Indicator of obstruction pulmonary disease. International Journal of Biochemstry & Physiology, 2019
  • Predilection of teaching aids among first year medical students during teaching and learning activities in physiology at SSR Medical College, Mauritius: A Cross-Section Study.Medical Journal of Shree Birendra Hospital, 2017
  • Reports of Neuroscience Symposium and Workshop conducted in SAAPCON. 2016, Nepal Annuals of Neurosciences, 2017
  • A Case Note on Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Masquerading as scald burn Kathmandu University Medical Journal2007 AD
  • Universal precaution we take during operative procedure; Are we Safe Enough? VIII International Conference Society of Surgery of Nepal 2006 AD
  • Spirometry in smokers and non-smokers: A comparative study. Journal of Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, 2019
  • Management and outcome of gallbladder carcinoma with obstructive jaundice: a retrospective study for Eastern Nepal. SN Comprehensive Clinical Medicine.2020

Sleep apnoea

  • Bugs, Bites and Altitude II 2011 AD Hotel Yak and Yeti, Kathmandu
  • Emergency Role of Clinical Physiology in Medical Sciences 2012 AD BPKIHS, Dharan
  • Faculty Development Training (FDT) 2013 AD Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University
  • Endoscopical and Histological Survey of H.Pyloric in Gastric Mucosa 2005AD Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital in Collaboration with Nippon Medical School, Japan
  • Examination Technique and Student Assessment 29-30, October, 2015 SSR Medical College, Mauritius
Event Organizer:
  • First Annual Conference of Physiology and Applied Sciences (ACPAS 2013) 27-28, September 2013,Joint Secretary
  • First Annual Conference of Neuroscience Society of Nepal (NSN) 13-14, February, 2016 Joint Secretary
  • Neuroendocrine in Nature: Discover Hormones in Your Mind
  • IBRO/APRC Associate School Nepal,9-13, February, 2016,Executive Member of NSN
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