Davendranand Sharma (1)

Davendranand Sharma


Professor of Neuroscience, Course Director (Neuroscience and Neurology)

Neuroscience and Neurology


Completed the MBBS degree from Amritsar, India. Successfully passed the neurology examination, psychiatry examination and dissertation on substance abuse for the Doctorate of Medicine from the University of the West Indies. As former Department Chair for Ross University School of Medicine, developed an advanced integrated academic curriculum of Neuro Behavior medicine inclusive of Neuropharmacology and Neurosciences. Competent in clinical skills training, Behavior Sciences, Neuro Sciences, Epidemiology and Medical Ethics. As consultant for the Counselling Services of Ross University significantly improved the clinical psychological and wellness programs of the University. Consultant for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and recently completed a PAHO/WHO consultancy (December 2021) for Guyana and Suriname. Provided training in the area of Disaster Management in the Caribbean, Central and South America for PAHO. Remigrated to Guyana 2019 and was consultant in Neuro Behavior medicine for the Woodlands hospital and the St Joseph Mercy Hospital which are the two leading private hospitals in Guyana. Registered for medical practice in Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts & Nevis.


  • MBBS, Amritsar- Punjab, India.
  • DM, University of the West Indies




  • Clinical Neurology, Neuroscience, ADHD and Autism disorder spectrum, Addiction Disorders, Behavior Sciences, Clinical skills, Electroencephalograph diagnostic interpretation, Neuro-Bio modulation therapy, Sleep Studies, Post Traumatic Stress Management, Disaster Preparedness

Awards and Honors PRIDE award: Presented by DeVry University for outstanding work – Las Vegas: 2006
Community Hostels award for distinguished work as president of CHI: Dominica 2008
Research prize: Marriott St. Kitts June 2014
Ron Taylor award: Ross University 2015
Distinguished faculty award: State House Dominica December 2016

"Severity of Symptoms and Quality of Life in Medical Students with ADHD" P. O’Callahan, D. Sharma. Journal of Attention Deficit Disorders. March 2012; ”Attitudes to Mental Illness in Dominica” R. Kohn, D.Sharma, I. Levav. Pan American Journal of Public Health, March 2000
Assaults in the General Hospital Psychiatric Unit, Grenada" West Indies Medical Journal (WIMJ) supplement, April 1992
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"Prevalence of Tardive Dyskinesia Among Psychiatric Out Patients In Grenada". WIMJ supplement, April 1994.
"Child abuse in Dominica and law reforms". WIMJ Supplement 4/95
"Consultation-liaison Psychiatry and “Prevalence of alcoholism in a rural community."
D. Sharma. R. Nasiiro. WIMJ supplement 4/96
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“Prevalence of Tardive Dyskinesia in Dominica”, D. Sharma. H. Thijs. WIMJ supplement 1999.
“The Experience of Stress and Job Exhaustion by Emergency Preparedness workers in Dominica” D. Sharma, M. Cuffy. WIMJ April 2007

ADHD, Addiction disorders, Sleep Disorders,  Prevalence of Covid in a select population

  • “Evaluating the Doctor-Patient Relationship course in the first semester at Ross University School of Medicine” D. Sharma, J. Johnson, B. Rios. Research presentation AMEE Prague 2008   

    The value of the Polycom interview” Oral presentation at the Association of Medical Educators conference Malaga Spain, September 2009

    “An innovative way of evaluating clinical history taking and interview skills of first-semester medical students” Davendra Sharma, E.S.Fernandez, B.rios,  R. Coutinho, Y.Burnett, R. Nasiiro Research Presentation at the Association of Medical Educators. Prague, Glasgow September 2010.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    “The Use of Simulation in Medicine”.  D. Pedersen, D. Sharma. Simulation Medicine, London, January of 2011

    “Prevalence of ADHD in Ross University Students” D. Sharma, R. Gee. ADHD Poster presented at the International Congress Berlin Germany, May 2011

    “Assessing the value of Advanced Interview Skills Training for Second Year Medical Students at Ross University School of Medicine”. D. Sharma, P. Abney, C. Seeber, H. Russell, D. Benabdalla, B. Ngusie, K. Jones, L. Heeg, N. Patel, Y. Barzani, R. Zia, S. Muneer, I. Toussaint. Association of Medical Educators. Lyons France. Sept 2012

    “Analysis of the Adequacy of Communications Skills Training in the Systems-Based Curriculum of Ross University School of Medicine”. D.Sharma, R.Coutinho, R.McIntyre, P. Abney, P.Cooles, D.Benbdallah. Association of Medical Educators. Lyons France. Sept 2012

    “Assessing the Need for Early Screening for Cognitive Neurorehabilitation for Medical Students at Ross University School of Medicine”. Gee R, Sharma D, Corsaletti G, Singleton W. Poster presented as part of the 2nd International Symposium on Neurorehabilitation, Valencia, Spain, 18-21 October 2012.

    “Impact of Mock Objective Structured Clinical Encounter (OSCE) Exams on Anxiety levels during Final OSCE of Third Year Medical students of Ross University”  Rhonda McIntyre1, Carlista Tavernier2, Paul Ricketts3,  Davendra Sharma4 Presented at the Association of Medical Educators. Prague. Sept 2013

    “Enhancing clinical communication skills by means of an innovative computer-based program for interacting with virtual patients”. Davendra Sharma, Irus Toussaint, DeVry 2nd Annual Healthcare Educational and Scientific Conference, St. Kitts, November 14-15, 2014  2nd prize.

     “Video recorded lecture Utilization in Undergraduate Medical Education.” M. Kraybill, D. Sharma, P. Ricketts, Y. Burnett, J. Dyer, S. Singh  Electronic Poster presentation at the Association of Medical Educators of Europe. Glasgow September 2016.

    “Organization Preparedness for Disasters of Pacific Small Island States”. A. Mc Lean. D. Sharma, P. Ricketts and R. Collymore 2017

    “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Prevention for Medical Students Evacuated from Dominica following Hurricane Maria”. D. Sharma, R. McIntyre, M. Cuffy A Masicot 63rd Annual CARPHA conference. The Mariott  St. Kitts June 2018

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