Anadkat Dolly

Dolly Anadkat


Assistant Professor & Counsellor


Dr Anadkat received her PhD degree in Psychology from Medical University of the Americas. She also possesses a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coaching Federation, a PGDCH from Charusat University in Gujarat, India as well as a BSc from Maharaja Sayajiroa University in Baroda, India. Dr Anadkat has a keen interest in positive psychology work and has been trained as a Certified Mentor Coach from one of the most prestigious coaching institutes in USA. Her interest in neuropsychology geared her towards pursuing a postgraduate diploma in clinical hypnosis.

Dr Anadkat has been working with MUA since 2007 as a student counsellor and study skills coach. Along with that, she is also involved in teaching 5th-semester students the core competencies of cultural diversity and social diversity as well as patient advocacy and support. She has been involved in a study skills course for Gateway program students.

Dr Anadkat also offers first semester students various workshops including Effective Study Skills, Time Management, Science of Stress Management, Healthy Body and Mind Tools and Maintaining Motivation.

She also works with students on academic probation and conducts group as well as individual sessions to help them with changing and/or improving study techniques, time management and scheduling skills, stress and anxiety management tools, improving self-confidence and most importantly, helping them to shift from a fixed mindset to growth mindset. She also engages extensively with the general student population here on campus and supplies counselling for students on feeling homesick, getting used to island life and coping with the accelerated medical program and its academic demands. She also helps with personal as well as interpersonal relationship issues and other life challenges.

  • Study Skills Course (GMP)
  • Clinical Skill V
  • Research Curriculum Critical Appraisal
  • Systems & Disease IV
  • Study Skills and Academic Excellence Coach
  • Counsellor
  • Life and Wellness Coach
  • Stress Management
  • Test Anxiety
  • Time Management
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