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Subhash Mashal


Associate Professor of Pathology


Dr Subhash Mashal received MD (1990), DCP (1985) and MBBS (1982) from Shivaji University Maharashtra, India. Dr Subhash has worked as a tutor, assistant professor and associated professor in national and international medical institutions, specifically pathology, to undergraduate, postgraduate students and laboratory technicians. In addition to medical education, he was actively involved in the conduction, evaluation and upgrading of new concepts in medical education. All these institutions in which Dr Subhash has taught have their own well-established hospitals equipped with modern facilities for patient care including pathology. Dr Subhash is proud to have had active involvement in public health services. specially pathology as histopathology, clinical pathology, cytology, blood banking and autopsy.

  • MBBS, Dr. V.M.Medical College, Solapur, India.
  • Diploma in Clinical Pathology, Dr. V.M.Medical College Solapur, India.
  • MD (Pathology).. Dr. V.M.Medical College, Solapur, India.
  • Pathology  

Cytopathology, histopathology and clinical patholog

  • Bilateral Renal Dysplasia, Indian Journal of Pathology Jan 2004
  • Immunochemical Analysis and Incidence of Multiple Myeloma—Spectrum-Journal of Medical Research Jan - Jun 2005
  • Urine Analysis-Importance in Paediatric Medicine -- The Indian Practitioners -March 2005
  • Histopathological Spectrum of Head and Neck Tumours-- Spectrum-Journal of Medical Research July to Dec 2006.
  • Changing Trends in Blood Bank Services -The New Horizon -Spectrum-Journal of Medical Research Jan to Dec 2007.
  • Histopathological Profile of GIT Cancers- Spectrum-Journal of Medical Research Jan to Dec 2007.
  • An Unusual Presentation of Fat Necrosis of Female Breast—The Indian Practitioner 2010;63(7):441-446 8-Detection of Autoantibodies Against Reactive Oxygen Species Modified Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase-65 in Type 1 Diabetes Associated Complications--- BMC Immunology 2011, 12:19

Cytopathology and pathology

  • Cytohistological Study of Intra –Abdominal Tumours- Annual Conf. Of Indian Academy of Cytologist Oct.1990 Belgum Karnataka India.
  • Autopsy Study in Cases of Convulsions-1993. Maharashtra Chapter Conf. Karad Maharashtra India
  • FNAC of Palpable Breast Lesions with Histopathological Correlation- International Conference and CME—Feb 2005 Victoria Hospital Seychelles
  • Worked as staff in charge of Students Council University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine Seychelles.
  • Staff in charge of National Service Scheme involved with the active participation of students for health awareness in the community.
  • Active participation and conduction of seminars, monthly pathological meetings and postgraduate classes.
  • Editing and publishing the Journal of Medical Research –Spectrum Govt. Medical College Kolhapur, Maharashtra India.
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