Ravichandran Swaminathan (1)

Swaminathan Ravichandran


Assistant Professor of Clinical Skills, Course Director (CS I)


Dr Swaminathan has been involved in USMLE based medical teaching for Basic Sciences students since 2015. He is actively involved in teaching Clinical Skills, Pathology and conducting clinical examinations in the Clinical Skills course for Basic Sciences students. He is the Course Director for the Clinical Skills 1 Course and is involved in the Drug Testing Committee.

  • MBBS, VMKV Medical College, India
  • MD, KMC Manipal, India
  • Residency (Pathology), KMC Manipal, India
  • Clinical Skills, System & Diseases 
  • General & systemic pathology
  • Clinical skills

Swaminathan.R- Comparison of Dysplasia and Regenerative Atypia in Endoscopic Gastric Biopsies - (IRJET) Volume: 06 Issue: 05 | May 2019

Has the experience of working in the following research projects:

  • “Comparative study of dysplasia with regenerative atypia and their association with other conditions in gastric biopsies.” 
  • "Clinicohistopathological study of gestational trophoblastic disease." 
  • "Study of the needle aspiration cytology of lymph node lesions."

He has presented at numerous medical conferences including Hematocon, Chennai and Thyrocon, Vellore, India.

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