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Newly Reduced Tuition Makes MUA Accessible and Affordable



Earn Your MD with Less Debt

In an effort to make medical education more accessible, we are proud to announce that four-year tuition and fees for students matriculating in 2023 is now $207,500 - a ~12% reduction. This makes MUA the most affordable Caribbean medical school that is approved to participate in U.S. Federal Financial Aid programs and is approved by the state of New York, is licensed in Florida, and is recognized by California.

Studying at MUA

Exceptional Value

The standard of educational excellence and student success remains unchanged at Medical University of Americas. We know that during these times when the costs of everything is skyrocketing, students are facing challenges that can outpace the ability to attain funding. In consideration of these and many other factors, we are adjusting our tuition model in an effort to better align with your interests and needs with that of the school. Additionally, our merit-based scholarships offer another level of support and an acknowledgement of your dedication and preparation thus far in pursuit of earning your medical degree.



Medical School Cost Comparison

With the financial flexibility provided by lower tuition, our students can complete their education with far less debt than students at other medical schools and can more easily transition to a rewarding career as a doctor. You can compare MUA’s medical school costs against other schools in the chart. 

Medical School Cost Comparison

MUA is Committed to your Success as a Future Doctor

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