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In the U.S.*

Medical University of the Americas

C/O R3 Education Inc.

27 Jackson Road, Suite 302

Devens, Massachusetts 01434, United States

SMSSMS: +1 (857) 341-1460

PhonePhone: +1 (978) 862-9500

FaxFax: +1 (978) 862-9599




On Nevis

Medical University of the Americas

P.O. Box 701

Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies

PhonePhone: +1 (869)-469-9177

FaxFax: 869-469-9180


* The Massachusetts address is for MUA's administrative offices. MUA is not currently subject to the jurisdiction of and thus has not received authorization from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

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If you would prefer to use our website live chat system, simply locate and use the chatbox found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, whereby a box with 'Agent Online' should be present, that will allow you to directly speak with one of the MUA team. 

They will be available during US EST hours to answer any questions and should respond within a few minutes - this is a more direct, faster and efficient way to speak with us, should you prefer to do so, rather than calling or emailing us. 

Please be aware that this service is not provided 24/7 and only during US EST daytime hours.

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