What we look for

What We Look For

Read our guide to be a successful student of medicine at MUA. Everything you need from interest in healthcare to responsibility and commitment to service.

How do you know if you are right for MUA?

Medical University of the Americas has earned a reputation as a top international medical school by providing an outstanding learning environment (through small class sizes, a supportive faculty and a modern campus infrastructure), quality clinical rotations and a commitment to academic excellence.

We have a set of objective admissions requirements we consider when assessing each candidate. But we also look beyond the coursework and test scores to get a sense of the person behind the application, and how likely he or she is to be a successful medical student—and a great doctor. Here are some of the factors we consider:

Ethics & Morals

When you attend Medical University of the Americas, we will come to know you as a student, as a professional in training and as a person.

Are you someone we can place our confidence in to conduct yourself ethically and demonstrate the qualities of trust and leadership that have always been the hallmark of the medical profession?

Intellectual Curiosity

Medicine is art and science. Doctors are scientists and individuals.

We want to know what it is that you, personally, will bring to our school and the practice of medicine.

Has there been some subject area of particular interest that you have pursued, perhaps with a special research project, travel or through participation in a unique program?


As a physician, you will be placed in a unique position of trust.

Your patients will need to know that they can divulge their most intimate secrets to you. You will be constantly called upon to make judgments, including life-and-death decisions.

Have you demonstrated responsibility in your life that will tell us you are the kind of person who will make for a caring, responsible physician?

Commitment to Learning

Medical school is an extremely challenging experience. There are very few who breeze through it.

Success comes from having the desire, the discipline and the staying power to tackle and master extremely difficult subjects.

At Medical University of the Americas, we look at your overall academic performance to get a clear understanding of your commitment to learning, in addition to your scores on standardized examinations, such as the MCAT.

Commitment to Service

Physicians are routinely asked to set aside their own needs and, even more difficult, their egos in order to focus on what’s right for their patients.

Have you shown how you can place the needs of others ahead of your own, through community service, taking responsible positions at school, or helping with family? Let us know.

Interest in Healthcare

So you want to become a doctor. Why?

What is it about medicine that attracts you enough to undergo a demanding experience like medical school? When did this ambition take hold? Who, if anyone, influenced your decision?

We want to know as much as possible about your motivation for undertaking this very demanding course of study and career.

  • MUA Student Standing in Front of a Library, Wearing a White Coat and Stethoscope
    I chose MUA for three reasons: (1) A great curriculum that can compete with the top universities, (2) more active learning in the classrooms including great one-on-one learning from your professors, and (3) amongst all the top universities in the Caribbean MUA has the lowest cost.
    Yamil E. VĂ©lez RomĂĄn 
  • MUA Student Caitlyn Young
    I had family ties to MUA which made me look further into the school and once I learned more about what the school offered I knew it was the place for me.
    Caitlyn Young
  • MUA Julian Jinadasa
    The small class sizes and the location of the school in Nevis made it a better option for me compared to other Caribbean medical schools
    Julian Jinadasa