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The perfect place for learning

At MUA, we’ve combined a systems-based U.S. curriculum with the time-tested belief that students learn best in small classes, where they can interact one-on-one with their professors. Those small classes also help create the strong feeling of community and collaboration that runs through everything we do at MUA, from the classroom to the clinicals and beyond.

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Nevis is a wonderful place to attend medical school.

Beautiful, safe and easy to get to, Nevis is one of the many volcanic islands that stretch along the eastern Caribbean sea where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists come to Nevis to enjoy the warm Caribbean water, bask on the white sand beaches, hike the rain forest, snorkel among the reefs and investigate the ruins of the sugar cane era that dot the island. Nevis is also well known for its excellent restaurants and charming inns—many of them old plantation "great houses."

But for all it has to offer, Nevis remains very much a low-key destination, a captivating yet tranquil oasis in which to pursue your medical studies.

The clinical difference

The personalized attention that comes with small class sizes isn’t just something you’ll feel during your Basic Sciences education. You’ll feel it during your clinical rotations as well, where MUA is able to offer a level of oversight and guidance that simply isn’t possible at bigger schools—and it’s a key reason our graduates achieve top residencies.

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Successful residencies in the U.S. and Canada

"If you are thinking about going to medical school MUA is a wonderful option. Graduates that have come out of the school are doing really great all over the world" 

Dr. Lavaniya Sreetharan, Family Medicine Residency, New Hampshire Dartmouth

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Accreditations Card



The U.S. Department of Education via the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA) has determined that the accreditation standards used by MUA’s accrediting body are comparable to the standards used to approve U.S. medical schools.

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Key State Approvals Card

Key State Approvals

Key State Approvals

MUA is one of the few international medical schools with approvals from the key states of New York, California, and Florida. This means that MUA’s students have access to high-quality clinical rotations in their 3rd and 4th years of medical school that would otherwise be unavailable to them, as well as access to sought-after residencies and licensure in the case of New York and California, respectively. Collectively, these approvals also make MUA graduates who complete the requisite licensing exams eligible for practice in all 50 U.S. states and Canada.

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MD Curriculum Card

MD Curriculum

MD Curriculum

MUA’s MD curriculum is based on an integrated, systems-based approach, the same approach utilized by top U.S. medical schools.

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Residency Placements Card

Residency Placements

Residency Placements

MUA graduates obtain residencies in competitive programs across the full range of medical specialties in the U.S. and Canada. Many of MUA’s graduates excel in their residencies, becoming Chief Residents, and many pursue Fellowship opportunities following residencies. Since 2001, 88% of MUA graduates seeking residency in the United States and Canada secured positions. As measured by the residency appointments and professional accomplishments of our graduates, the most important measure of any school, MUA has been extremely successful.

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Small Class Size Card

Small Class Size

Small Class Size

At the core of MUA’s educational philosophy is the belief that small class sizes, with significant student-teacher interaction, are fundamental to the student experience. Our 3:1 student-to-faculty in the Gateway program and our 7:1 student-to-faculty ratio in the Basic Science program means that MUA students get one-to-one attention from our faculty and ongoing support during the clinical rotations. This is a critical benefit that larger medical schools simply cannot offer.

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U.S. Federal Financial Aid

U.S. Federal Financial Aid

MUA is one of a select group of international medical schools approved by the U.S. Department of Education to participate in U.S. Federal Financial Aid programs.

In the US, MUA has been approved to participate in the U.S. Federal Direct Loan Program administered by the U.S. Department of Education.. In Canada, students are eligible for Federal Loans through the Ministry of Education Student Support Branch in the province of residence

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Excellent USML Results Card

Excellent USMLE Results

Excellent USMLE Results

Passing your USMLE licensing exams on the first attempt is critical to your success in attaining a residency. The preparation MUA provides for the USMLE examinations is an essential part of the student experience. This support reflects in an exceptional first-time pass rate on USMLE Step I. Between 2015 and 2019, the first time pass rate averaged 95% - a consistently strong performance

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Canadian Applicants Card

Canadian Applicants

Canadian Applicants

Canadians make up a large proportion of each incoming class of MUA. The school’s strong track record of placing graduates in residencies in Canada make it a leader among international medical schools.

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Md Vs Do Degree Card

MD vs DO Degree

MD vs DO Degree

In 2020, the 3,109 residency positions offered in 2017 by AOA-approved programs will become available to graduates of MD programs as a result of the merger between the ACGME and the AOA. No longer will these spots be exclusively available to DOs without competition from MDs.

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Canada Students

Canadian Students

When it comes to placing Canadian students in Canadian residencies, MUA is a leader - and that’s just one of the many reasons Canadian students choose MUA.

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MUA right now

What's the fastest way to find out about MUA? Watch our webinar! You'll get an excellent overview of MUA's program of medicine, including our campus, our curriculum—and the impressive success of our graduates. We'll also send you a copy of the MUA Viewbook.

Begin your MD program in September, January, or May

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Our webinar is a great way to quickly learn about Medical University of the Americas.

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The MUA Viewbook provides a convenient overview of all aspects of our school, from the curriculum to student life.

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In light of recent events our remaining Summer admission events will be virtual.


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Careers and residencies

Discover pediatric medicine and how to become a pediatrician, with average salary information and how you can start your pediatric medicine journey

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10 Dec

10.Dec.2021 | An Introduction to Medical University of the Americas| MUA

In this session you’ll learn about our Basic Sciences program, location, facilities, accommodation and much more. Bring any questions you might have about studying at MUA with you.

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12:00PM - 12:45PM EST Online MUA Admissions Team

Discover Where MUA Can Take You

In a typical year, MUA students obtain residencies across the full range of medical specialties, from anesthesiology and family medicine to neurology and surgery. A significant number are selected as Chief Residents, and many pursue Fellowship (subspecialty) training following their residencies.

Grail Sisters

Two sisters graduate from MUA and had an amazing experience. Hear about their experiences and why they chose medical school.

Ronald Russo

Discover how Ronald found his passion from a young age for medicine and join him on his journey as he found MUA and really furthered his passion.

An Upper Edge for Getting a Residency

Hear from Lavinya as she talks about her experience of MUA. Hear first hand how she believes MUA gave her an upper edge against the competition.

Stefan's insight into Pre-Med program

Hear from Canadian MUA student, Stefan Zlatanov about his experience at MUA and the Pre-Med Program.

Clement Aroh talking about his professors, and his life as a student at MUA

Follow Aroh's medical journey. As a resident in Los Angeles, he chose MUA as his number one choice.

Alum Dr. Zakious Tracey

Head of Admissions, Sarah Russell, speaks to MUA student Zakious Tracey about why he chose MUA, how he discovered the medical school and what his experience has been like.

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