Student Experience in MUA

Student Experience

Learn about travel, housing, student organizations and recreational opportunities when you study medicine on the beautiful island of Nevis.

It’s true that classrooms, labs, and studies will be the focus of your time at Medical University of the Americas (MUA)—but there is more to medical school than that, particularly here.

"At MUA, you're part of a family"

Hear from Lavaniya as she describes her experience at MUA, how it prepared her for success, along with how she was welcomed and made to feel part of a family. 

So yes, you will study hard when you come to MUA. But you will leave not only with an incomparable medical education but with good friends and a lifetime of memories.

A Day in the Life of a Student

Tag along with Stefan Szlatanov and discover what medical school is like for this former Canadian and Bulgarian soccer standout. 

Student Organizations

At MUA, you’ll find a wide array of student organizations and groups, including an active Student Government Association.

Life on Nevis

Nevis is a wonderful place to attend medical school.

Beautiful, safe, and easy to get to, Nevis is one of the many volcanic islands that stretch along the eastern Caribbean Sea, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists come to Nevis to enjoy the warm Caribbean water, bask on the white sand beaches, hike the rain forest, snorkel among the reefs, and investigate the ruins of the sugar cane era that dot the island. Nevis is also well known for its excellent restaurants and charming inns—many of them old plantation “great houses.”

But for all it has to offer, Nevis remains very much a low-key destination, a captivating yet tranquil oasis in which to pursue your medical studies.

Getting to Nevis

You have several options for traveling to Nevis:
  • Through St. Kitts: St. Kitts, Nevis’ sister island, is a popular Caribbean destination that can be reached by direct flights from Puerto Rico, Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, New York, and other locations. Once on St. Kitts, you can get to Nevis by air (Liat) or by taking the ferry, which has regularly scheduled crossings throughout the day.
  • Through Antigua or St. Maarten: Antigua and St. Maarten are both gateways to the Caribbean that are served by major air carriers. Once there, you can take a connecting flight to Nevis on Liat (Antigua) or Winair (St. Maarten).

Upon arrival in Nevis, the university is a short distance from either the airport or ferry.


Getting Around

Transportation on Nevis is easy and extremely enjoyable: You can make a circuit of the island in less than an hour, passing by all the major beaches and small villages; the capital, Charlestown; the airport, and other points of interest.

Driving is on the left side of the road. In order to operate any vehicle on the island, it is necessary to obtain a temporary local driver’s license, which costs $48 U.S. for one year. In addition to good public transportation, there are approximately 15 car rental agencies in Nevis.

Students are permitted to acquire private transportation, and there is a steady turnover of vehicles, with students leaving the island selling to the new members of the incoming classes. When you arrive, you can obtain more information about getting a driver’s license, insurance, and registering your car at the Administration Office on campus.

Things to Do

Visit one of the beautifully restored sugar plantations that are now elegant inns.

  • Tour the famous Nevis Botanical Gardens, filled with sculptures, fountains, and a tropical rain forest conservatory, built to emulate the conservatory at Kew Gardens in England.
  • Hike Nevis Peak or one of many other spectacular trails.
  • Take in a performance of a Nevis string band or enjoy the Kaiso (Calypso) music that Nevis and other Caribbean islands have made famous. · Take in a cricket match, play tennis or golf, or go mountain biking—a real passion for many on Nevis.
  • Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the chattering and scampering of a green vervet monkey.

The official Nevis Tourism Website is an excellent source of information about the island.

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