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4-Year MD Program

Everything you need to know about the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program at Medical University of the Americas.

4-Year Medical Degree Program

The MD program at MUA is the most affordable of the top seven Caribbean medical schools approved to participate in the U.S. Federal Financial Aid programs. MUA is known for its intentionally small class sizes, highly credentialed faculty with a passion for teaching, and recognized accreditation, which enables our graduates to be eligible to practice in all 50 states of the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries.

Basic Science MD Program

Basic Science

MUA has an integrated, systems-based curriculum that parallels the training you would receive at a top U.S. or Canadian medical school.

Basic Science Curriculum
Getting an MD is more challenging than ever: The numbers tell the story

Clinical Medicine

The 72-week Clinical Medicine curriculum is hosted at teaching hospitals in the United States and Canada.

Clinical Medicine Curriculum

4-Year MD Curriculum Overview

MUA offers a comprehensive 10-semester program for earning an MD.

The foundation of any medical school curriculum is the five semesters of basic sciences. This part of the MUA curriculum takes place on our campus in Nevis.

At the completion of your basic sciences study, you will take your first—and in some ways your most important—licensing exam, the USMLE Step 1. The clinical staff at MUA will work with you to create an individual academic plan for passing this important exam.

Students then return to the U.S. or Canada to complete five semesters of clinical rotations at teaching hospitals that are affiliated with MUA.

MUA Competencies

MUA’s medical school curriculum is based on six core competencies that are essential for the successful practice of medicine:

  • Patient Care

  • Lifelong Learning, Scholarship & Collaboration

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills

  • Scientific & Medical Knowledge

  • Professionalism

  • Social & Community Context of Healthcare

It’s important to note that these core competencies are consistent with the ACGME competencies for residency programs in the United States and the Can Med competencies for residencies in Canada.

  • MUA Student Standing in Front of a Library, Wearing a White Coat and Stethoscope
    I chose MUA for three reasons: (1) A great curriculum that can compete with the top universities, (2) more active learning in the classrooms including great one-on-one learning from your professors, and (3) amongst all the top universities in the Caribbean MUA has the lowest cost.
    Yamil E. Vélez Román 
  • MUA Student Caitlyn Young
    I had family ties to MUA which made me look further into the school and once I learned more about what the school offered I knew it was the place for me.
    Caitlyn Young
  • MUA Julian Jinadasa
    The small class sizes and the location of the school in Nevis made it a better option for me compared to other Caribbean medical schools
    Julian Jinadasa

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MUA Catalog

MUA Catalog

The Medical University of the Americas Catalog provides a comprehensive overview of the academic program and policies of the school.

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