Financial Information

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees for Medical University of the Americas are as follows:



Tuition and Fees - Effective for matriculants on or after the May 2022 Semester  
MD Program Basic Science Tuition per Semester (Semesters 1-5): $15,739
Administrative Fee (Semesters 1-5): $4,701
MD Program Clinical Medicine Tuition per Semester (Semesters 6-10): $21,306
Administrative Fee (Semesters 6-10): $3,044
Malpractice Insurance (Semesters 6-10): $295
Gateway Medical Program Tuition: $4,000
Part-Time Tuition per Credit Hour: $544
Part-Time Administrative Fee per Credit Hour: $146


Tuition – effective for matriculants for the September 2021 and January 2022 Semester  
MD Program Basic Science Tuition per Semester (Semesters 1-5): $19,950
MD Program Clinical Medicine Tuition per Semester (Semesters 6-10): $24,350
Gateway Medical Program Tuition: $4,000
Part-Time Tuition per Credit Hour: $690


Tuition – Effective for matriculants on or before the May 2021 Semester  
MD Program Basic Science Tuition per Semester (Semesters 1-5):      $17,800
MD Program Clinical Medicine Tuition per Semester (Semesters 6-10):    $22,850
Gateway Medical Program Tuition: $4,000
Part-Time Tuition per Credit Hour: $690


Fees and Deposits  
Application Fee (MD Program and Gateway Medical Program): $75
Bachelor of Science Application Fee: $30
Clinical Liability Insurance (per semester): $295
Deferment Fee (non-refundable): $500
Graduation Fee: $500
Lab Fee (Nevis only): $195
First Semester Lab Fee: $295
Review Fee: $500
Non-Refundable Administrative Fee: $100
Returned Check Fee (insufficient funds): $35
Shelf Exam Fee (Nevis campus only): $125
Student Activity Fee: $50
Transcript Request Fee: $10
Tuition Deposit (non-refundable): $500
Tuition Payment Late Fee:


The tuition and fees listed above apply, on the one hand, to matriculants on or before the May 2021 semester and, on the other hand, to matriculants on or after the September 2021 semester as the case may be.  Medical University of the Americas Board of Trustees reserves the right to change tuition and fees or to establish additional fees or charges whenever in their opinion such action is deemed necessary.

Clearance From Nevis

Students completing the Basic Sciences semesters or concluding studies for any reason are required to complete a "Financial Clearance Letter" from the University administration office. Clearance signatures are required from the student’s landlord, major utility company, and local telephone company where the student may have acquired debts. This is done to insure that no student leaves Nevis with financial debts. Transcripts may be withheld for students who do not pay expenses incurred while on Nevis.



Dormitory Rates

Unaccompanied first semester students at Medical University of the Americas generally live in one of the dormitories. Consistent with the university’s commitment to supporting the broader community, these dormitories are owned by Nevis residents.

The dormitory rate includes water. Rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, refrigerator and microwave.

Fees are payable to and collected by dormitory management. The fee is due upon arrival on Nevis.

  • Single Occupancy: $2,936
  • Double Occupancy: $1,852

Dormitory rates listed herein are effective September 1, 2019, and are subject to change as deemed necessary. Above rates exclude room fee, tax and security deposit.

For additional dormitory information, please contact the Admissions Office.

Tuition Payment Policies

The following are the Tuition Payment Policies for students at Medical University of the Americas:

Students will be billed approximately two months prior to the beginning of each new semester. Invoices are mailed to the permanent address on record for registered students.

All students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees in U.S. funds, by personal check, bank check, money order, or wire, one month prior to matriculation into each new semester, whether in the Basic Sciences or Clinical Medicine program.

All students entering into first semester must pay tuition 45 days prior to matriculation.

If payment is made by check, the cancelled check will serve as the student’s receipt. If a student remits a payment check that is returned because of insufficient funds, he or she must make any future payments to the University in the form of a U.S. bank check or money order. Payment of all tuition and fees is due in full by the due date specified on the student bill. A returned check fee of $35 will be imposed for a personal check returned not honored.

Payments for a student’s semester bill should be directed to the Bursar’s Office. If a bill is not received, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Finance Office.

Please mail your check or money order in U.S. funds, made payable to Medical University of the Americas, to:

Medical University of the Americas
C/O R3 Education Inc.
27 Jackson Road, Suite 302
Devens, Massachusetts 01434, United States

MUA also accepts payments via wire transfer. View Wire Transfer Information for the correct instructions.

All fees for the Clinical Medicine Program must be paid prior to graduation. A student whose account has not been paid in full, or otherwise cleared by the Finance Office, will be subject to cancellation of class enrollment.

MUA reserves the right to withhold all diplomas, degrees, official transcripts and any other documentation from any student with outstanding financial obligations.

Students will be assessed a late fee of $200 for tuition not paid on or before the tuition due date. Tuition not received prior to the start of each semester will result in cancellation of classes.

(Rates are subject to change without notice.)

Courses that are repeated because they were dropped or failed in a previous semester will be assessed a tuition fee on the basis of credit hours.

Tuition and fees shall be refunded in full—less an administrative fee of U.S. $100 and, if applicable, the U.S. $500 seat deposit and the U.S. $500 deferment fee—if notice of withdrawal is received prior to the first day of the semester.

Before any refund can be initiated, a withdrawal form must be completed and submitted to the Dean of Basic Sciences.

Tuition will be refunded according to the following schedule:

  • Prior to the first day of the semester: 100%
  • During the first 5 class day period: 93%
  • During the second 5 class day period: 87%
  • During the third 5 class day period: 80%
  • After the third 5 class day period: No refund

All refunds will be made within 30 days of the withdrawal date.

No fee or tuition paid by or owed by a student for the semester in which the student is separated from the university for disciplinary reasons shall be refunded or forgiven. If the student is readmitted before the close of the semester in which the disciplinary action is imposed, no additional tuition or fees shall be required of the student during that semester.

A refund will be granted if Histology/Pathology slides are returned in good condition. Students will be charged a replacement fee for slides lost or stolen.


Students are required to carry health insurance coverage for the duration of their medical school program. Proof of coverage is necessary upon matriculation and is required by hospitals prior to students beginning a clinical rotation. Information on individual and group policies is included in the student’s acceptance packet or may be requested from the Admissions Office.

Medical University of the Americas provides a mandatory Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation insurance policy that covers students in the event that emergency treatment is needed. This insurance will cover the cost of medical evacuation to a nearby facility for emergency care in the event it cannot be handled at the Alexandra Hospital on Nevis. The premium amount is $30 U.S. per semester per student and is included in the Student Activity Fee. It is mandatory that all students and dependents carry this insurance.

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