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MUA Graduate Success Stories

Dr. Daniel Shapiro

Forensic Pathologist

Dr. Daniel Shapiro

MUA graduate, Dr. Daniel Shapiro is currently pursuing a fellowship in Forensic Pathology at the office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond, Virginia. “I enjoy working with my hands, seeing the pathology of disease physically and microscopically, as well as collaborating with law enforcement to solve cases. I go to death scenes, observe and take note of the scene, body, and then perform the autopsy at the office. It’s stimulating and rewarding, having the ability to practice medicine, while assisting law enforcement in solving cases.”

Daniel Shapiro started medical school at MUA after studying molecular biology and microbiology at the University of Central Florida. Hearing about the school from a family friend, he had never been to Nevis, but adapted easily to the island and the school. “The island of Nevis is quite nice, as are the local people. I developed a network of friends and we came to rely on each other. The teachers were great, and they would stay after hours to help us out while also giving us review sessions before each exam. The TA sessions were particularly useful, and interacting with other students who had taken the course already was really helpful.”

Looking back on his basic science courses he notes that his favorite class was Pathology, sharing “the teacher was passionate and he made the class very invigorating”. Not surprisingly, during his clinical rotations he particularly enjoyed his clinical rotation in Pathology. While applying for residency he took stock of what he liked and didn’t like about each rotation, realizing that  he particularly enjoyed working with his hands,  was less interested in daily patient interaction, and opted for a less stressful lifestyle. His Pathology rotation stood out to him, so when applying for residency he chose to pursue this field and was accepted into a four year Pathology residency at NYU Winthrop Hospital. 

Finishing his fellowship in Forensic Pathology this year, he has just accepted a job as Deputy Medical Examiner in the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s Office. “We have the capacity to decide which cases will come to the medical examiner, such as homicides, suicides, trauma. We don’t accept purely natural deaths. I certify the cause of death, participate in court trials, and interact often with law enforcement and families. I am in a career that made all these years of training worth it.”