MUA Graduate Success Stories

Dr. Rajiv Singh

Gastroenterology Fellowship at Parkview Medical Center

Dr. Rajiv Singh

Rajiv Singh graduated from McMaster University in Canada with a Bachelor’s in Life Sciences. Keen to start medical school right away, he knew some graduates who had gone to MUA and recommended the school. Even more importantly, one of his teachers shared that he too was looking to travel to Nevis and join the MUA faculty as a Neurology professor. It was therefore early into Rajiv’s studies at MUA that his undergraduate neurology teacher was to now become his medical school neurology professor. He was also to become Rajiv’s mentor and advisor for his RLRA (Research: Literature Review and Analysis) paper that he wrote at the end of his Basic Sciences term at MUA.

Fresh out of college, Rajiv found the workload daunting when he arrived at medical, with a heavy volume of information to absorb at first.

“I was young and there was a steep learning curve, but the professors were there to help. I enjoyed learning and the tutors and mentors helped. The TAs held weekly tutoring sessions for the students in the semester behind them and then, as you get closer to the end of the semester, these sessions become twice a week,” says Rajiv.

Rajiv was a teaching assistant himself for anatomy and physiology. He also made the time to play basketball and use the gym during his time on the island.

During his clinical rotations, he developed a passion for the field of internal medicine. Now approaching the end of his three-year internal medicine residency at Parkview Medical Center in Colorado, Rajiv has just matched into a gastroenterology fellowship there, with the hope of a second fellowship in advanced/bariatric endoscopy.

Perhaps one the greatest joys during Rajiv’s time at MUA was the chance to meet fellow student, Symran Gill during their clinical rotation together at Wyckoff Medical Center in NYC. While their families live down the road from each other in Canada and they had both attended McMaster undergrad (in different years), it wasn’t until clinicals that they really got to know each other. With her family medicine residency in Oklahoma completed, Symran has recently begun working as a Hospitalist at Parkview Medical Center while Rajiv completes his fellowship in gastroenterology.