MUA Graduate Success Stories

Hussein Jumhour, MD

Family Medicine Residency at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center

Hussein Jumhour, MD

Congratulations to Hussein Jumhour who matched into a Family Medicine residency at, St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, his first choice.

Hussein said, “I matched at my number 1 choice St. Josephs University Medical Center, three blocks away from my house. I was born in this hospital and have lived 3 blocks away from it my whole life. To now be a physician treating members of my community feels surreal.

I chose to attend MUA with the ultimate goal of coming back and matching at this hospital. Every time I would walk or drive past St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, I would tell myself, my family members, and my friends that I would one day be a family physician here. Im humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude to have accomplished that goal.

I am a product of St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, a product of the community that it serves. Now it’s my time to give back and help shape the future of my community so I can help inspire others. MUA provided me with that opportunity, and I will forever be grateful to the supportive faculty and staff that helped prepare me for this journey.”

Hussein also shared that he hopes to pursue a Sports Medicine Fellowship after his residency: “One of the many things that I loved about MUA is how supportive, intelligent, and compassionate the professors on the island were. I still talk with some of them to this day.”