MUA Graduate Success Stories

Mariam Akinwale, MD

MUA Graduate and Neurology Resident

Mariam Akinwale, MD

Growing up in Nigeria, she made the Dean’s List as a Biochemistry major at lgbinedion University Okada, Nigeria and set her sights on becoming a doctor. Knowing that she wanted to practice medicine in the United States she looked into top Caribbean medical schools and chose MUA. She worked hard at MUA and was one of the standout students in her class. 

Taking a break after Basic Sciences during the height of Covid she did a year of clinical research in the department of infectious diseases at the University of Louisville (working as a research coordinator where she had the opportunity to work on groundbreaking covid vaccine clinical trials and clinical studies relating to COVID-19). She also found her way to New York City where she worked with a primary care doctor and gained a lot of hands-on experience with patient care, as well as forming tight bonds with the nurses and fellow practitioners. 

She came back to MUA to do  her clinical rotations, and shares  “I have to say I fell in love with neurology.”

“Everything I have learned up until this time has prepared me for this Neurology residency. I am fascinated by how the brain adapts, and how the muscles in the brain can be retrained. Neurology is a rapidly expanding field of medicine.”