MUA Graduate Success Stories

Suhaib Chaudry


Dr. Chaudry

Dr. Suhaib Chaudry graduated with a Biology major from University of Connecticut and planned on attending pharmacy school. His sister helped to convince him otherwise; as a student at MUA she raved about her experience and the professors so he pivoted to a career in medicine.

While Suhaib took time to make great friends at MUA, he says that when it came to studying he really gave it his all. “I felt that this is my shot at making it. I would spend countless hours at the library really grinding, going over my notes and books. I felt I really had to own and internalize the material. I worked hard to minimize distractions and maximize my study habits, and really gave it my all.” “I didn’t want to come out thinking that I could have done better or worked harder.”

His diligence and focus really payed off, earning him the prestigious “Dean of Basic Sciences” award with a 4.0 GPA, as well as a USMLE Step One score of 250.

“It’s interesting to know that I wasn’t really a 4.0 student my entire life. I just worked really hard and it paid off. MUA prepared me to expect anything and everything, and to not let anything come as a surprise. There were good professors who really drilled things into us, and when I started my clinical rotations I felt extremely well prepared and equally if not more knowledgeable than the other students. To be honest I felt I was on top of my game in clinicals”.

When it came to the match he set his sights on Anesthesiology, and says that the University of Connecticut was his “goal program”. He was thrilled to match into the program, his first choice for his residency, and has since formed his own Anesthesiology practice with a group of friends. “Our practice has grown tremendously and it is so rewarding to have your own business. You learn so much more being in the field rather than being employed”.

Suhaib kept busy after graduation and developed an animation platform on YouTube entitled “Marvel Medicine” to help students understand physiology.