MUA Graduate Success Stories

Zubin Bham

Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship

Zubin Bham, MD

Currently completing his fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care at Norwalk/Yale Hospital in Connecticut, Zubin was a standout student at MUA. He served as a TA in his anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and pharmacology classes. He particularly enjoyed the anatomy lab experience which helped him master bedside ultrasound skills, that he now routinely utilizes in the care of ICU patients.

When looking for the right medical school, one of the key factors Zubin focused on was the environment of the school and the style of teaching. As an independent learner, he wanted a school that would provide him with the tools to excel as a physician, while encouraging life-long learning. Scoring in the 99th percentile for both his USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK exams allowed Zubin the opportunity to interview broadly during his residency application. As he notes, “I wanted to stay in the Northeast, and I ranked Norwalk Hospital (part of the Yale Academic Group) number one on my list.”

Zubin matched into a 3-year Internal Residency at Norwalk, and enjoyed doing research and electives at Yale during his time there. “My residency was fantastic and I have stayed here for my current fellowship. I have started a Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship; I am doing my pulmonary work at Norwalk and my critical care work at Yale. After my fellowship I hope to be faculty at a pulmonary and critical care program in the Northeast.” “My advice for students looking at med school is to go where there is a personalized program, where you can ask the professors your questions in class and get your answers directly. Go to a school where they figure out your learning style and help you learn, and you interact directly with your professors. At the big schools you have to self-teach, and watch lectures online.”