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Christopher Smith, MD

Christopher Smith, MD

Christopher Smith, MD

Internal Medicine Resident, Sinai Hospital Baltimore

As a teaching assistant in histology, neurology and microbiology at MUA, a volunteer at the Centre for Animal Rehabilitation on Nevis, Premier of Nevis Award recipient, and a Clinical Dean Award recipient, Christopher Smith made every moment count while at Medical University of the Americas. Thrilled to come to MUA in January 2014, he noted, "I was waiting tables and bartending before MUA gave me the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream and attend medical school". He was grateful for the newfound sense of purpose that the school gave him. "Coming to MUA provided me with a new foundation of hope for myself and my future. Apart from my own intrinsic drive, watching dedicated classmates around me working so hard also really helped motivate me to want to be the best I could be. It truly had a hugely positive effect on me."

"The professors were always available, and really knew what they were teaching really well. I was frequently probing them for more information, and I eventually fell in love with the learning process. My Neuroscience teachers, in particular, were willing to talk with me for hours on end, and I began to learn of my passion for neurology in these long engaging conversations and lectures. My clinical work was spent mostly at a teaching hospital in Louisiana and it is one of the best programs for training. The learning style is incredible: each day you are in there learning through your hands as well as through didactics."

"Working with MUA, I got the opportunity to do a Neurology elective rotation at LSU in New Orleans in my 4th year. I really loved working with the residents, staff, and enjoyed the overall environment. Where you choose to do your electives is critically important. I recommend to students that they work on getting an elective rotation at the program that they want to match into. This was where I wanted to match, and I did." Christopher is thinking about a possible fellowships in one of two areas of neurology, either Neurophysiology or Neurocritical Care (such as working with patients with life-threatening neurologic injuries/conditions).

Working in downtown New Orleans has been an added bonus for this bilingual doctor fluent in both French and English.

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