Gordon Green

Gordon Green


Executive Dean


Dr. Green completed his MD and pediatric residency training at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. He went on to practice Pediatric Emergency Medicine along with pursuing formal training in academic medicine.

He completed two academic teaching fellowships (UBC and WVU), two programs at the Harvard-Macy Institute, a Master’s in Education that focused on distance education methodologies, and a doctorate in education that concentrated on educational technology with a thesis that explored inter-professional team performance using a high-fidelity simulation model.

He has been the medical director for a large simulation center and created, delivered, evaluated training programs for undergraduate and graduate medical education programs along with those for nurse practitioner programs and EMTs. As practicing physician in pediatric emergency medicine, he taught/mentored undergraduate medical students, residents, and fellows.

He also served as the director of education for the emergency medicine department. He has developed, implemented, and evaluated innovative curricula at both the UME and GME levels.

  • Curriculum innovation and development
  • Simulation
  • Active learning methodologies
  • Clinical curricular integration
  • Dean’s Award for Teaching (SMU)
  • Golden Apple Award (SMU)
  • Attending Physician of the Year (CAMC/WVU)
  • Special Recognition – Medical Educator (UBC) 
Doctoral Thesis 
  • Thesis Title: Examining Interprofessional Team Decision Making through a Distributed Cognition Lens  
  • Institution: University of Calgary 
  • Department/Program: Educational Research 
  • Specialization: Technology 
  • Thesis Identifier: (http://hdl.handle.net/1880/111423) 
  • McKee RK, Carlson B, Green GJThe Power to Change Healthcare. Grid International Inc. 2004.  
Text Chapters 
  • Green GJMinor Viral Infections, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Handbook, 3rd Ed. GA Baldwin (ed.) Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia, pp 287-293 (2001) 
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  • Green GJMedical Genetics, The Pocket Pediatrician. M Seear (Ed). University Press, Cambridge, pp 254-266 (1996). 
Published Papers 
  • Schultz KR, Green GJ, Davis JH, Wensley D. Obstructive lung disease in children following allogeneic bone marrow transplant. Blood, 84{9) November 1, 1994: pp 3212-3220. 
  • Macnab AJ, Noble R, Smart P, Green GJNarcotics and Controlled Drugs: A secure system for access by transport teams. Air Medical Journal. 17{2), April-June 1998: pp 73-75. 
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  • Davey AL Macnab AJ Green GJChanges in pCO2 during air medical transport of children with closed head injuries. Air Med J 20 (4): 20-22; 2001
  • Simulation-based medical education
  • High functioning teams
  • Interprofessional teams in acute care
  • Interprofessional education; Curriculum innovations in UME
  • Integrated UME/GME programs
  • Medical Spanish curricula
  • Developing clinical reasoning 
  • Green GJ. (2020). Examining Interprofessional Team Decision Making Through a Distributed Cognition Lens. Association of Medical Education – Europe (AMEE) Annual Conference, Glasgow Scotland (held virtually). September 7-9, 2020. 
  • Green GJ, Clifton M, Bruzik J. Interprofessional Education: Dialogue, Reflections and Actions. USC Keck School of Medicine’s Innovations in Medical Education Conference: Transforming Health Professions Education through Innovation. February 23-24, 2018 Los Angeles, CA 
  • Calton M, Clifton M, Bruzik J, Green GJ,. Clinical Reasoning: Making the Invisible, Visible, Revisited. USC Keck School of Medicine’s Innovations in Medical Education Conference: Transforming Health Professions Education through Innovation. February 23-24, 2018 Los Angeles, CA. 
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