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How to Choose a Residency

Your residency experience impacts your entire medical career. Learn more about how to choose a residency.

For every medical student, it’s the big decision—really a series of decisions: the what and where of your residency. How do you make these choices that will have such an outsized impact on your entire career? The Student Doctor Network has a great article providing an overview of how to go about getting into the right program. It goes through all the decision points and provides lots of practical information, such as Kaplan’s estimate of the effort required for a competitive vs. a non-competitive residency: you might have to do as many as 35 applications to get 5-6 interviews for a competitive residency, while for less competitive programs, you might do as few as 20 applications and get offers for 12-14 interviews.

Another great thing about the article is its list of references to other sources:

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