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MUA Announces Premier Furey as 2024 Commencement Speaker

The Medical University of the Americas will hold its Commencement on June 8, 2024, at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Rhode Island.

The Medical University of the Americas will hold its Commencement on June 8, 2024, at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Rhode Island. This year’s commencement speaker is Andrew Furey, the 14th premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Premier Furey brings a wealth of expertise to the podium, from his distinguished career as a trauma surgeon to his advocacy for the future of Newfoundland and Labrador. His remarkable contributions have earned him accolades, including being recognized as Humanitarian of the Year by the Canadian Red Cross and receiving the Governor General of Canada’s Meritorious Service Cross.

“We are tremendously honored and thrilled to have Premier Furey join us,” stated Dr. Linda Berardi-Demo, expressing the excitement within the GUS Medical and Veterinary Schools community. “Premier Furey embodies exemplary public service, medical expertise, and humanitarianism. His visionary leadership, dedication to community, and utilization of his skills for the betterment of society serve as an inspiration to future healthcare leaders.”

Sworn in as the 14th Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador in August 2020, Premier Furey’s journey into public service was preceded by his pivotal role in establishing Team Broken Earth, a charitable organization dedicated to providing medical relief in the aftermath of natural disasters. His commitment to humanitarian causes is exemplified by his co-founding of the A Dollar A Day Foundation, which supports mental health initiatives across Canada.

Attendees can anticipate an inspiring and thought-provoking address delivered by a leader whose integrity, compassion, and unwavering commitment to effecting change are guiding lights for tomorrow’s medical leaders.

In addition to Premier Furey’s address, the ceremony will also feature remarks from an alumnus and leadership from Global University Systems (GUS), highlighting the significance of this occasion.

For more information, please visit MUA’s Commencement page.

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