Montpelier Plantation and Beach in Nevis

Montpelier Plantation and Beach in Nevis is rated best resort in the Caribbean

Discover the best rated resort on Nevis Island in the Caribbean

Oh, for a whole summer in the pool at Montpelier Plantation. It’s the perfect place to waste away on vacation, set on 60 acres of an 18th-century plantation, at 750 feet above sea level. Music plays gently. Birds flit around the breakfast terrace. Bougainvillea hides the tennis court. The open-plan buildings flow in and out of each other, with verandas overlooking the sea.

In spite of the palm trees, there is an English feeling about the gardens, echoes of the original owners. In recent years an American family bought the hotel, ditched the chintz, kept the afternoon tea, and built a breezy poolside bar. They smartened up the 17 cottage rooms—high-ceilinged, wooden-beamed—and refurbished the restaurant, now probably the best on Nevis.

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