Fourth-year student Faran Mansoor explains why he chose MUA

Fourth-year student Faran Mansoor explains why he chose MUA

Faran Mansoor discusses his MUA journey, clinical rotations, and common questions aspiring med students have about the school.

Listen to fourth-year student, Faran Mansoor, take you through his medical journey at MUA and answer some frequently asked questions received by MUA admissions from prospective students looking to pursue an MD degree.

Faran gives an insight into his clinical rotations experience and shares his educational journey at one of the top Caribbean medical school. He has completed his core rotations in internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry, and pediatrics, as well as electives in ICU, cardiology, and ambulatory medicine and is about to start emergency medicine.

Born in Pakistan and living in New York, after his undergraduate in biology, Faran signed a six-year contract with the army national guard of New York as a military police officer before starting medical school.

After deciding to pursue a medical career, Faran tells us why he chose MUA for his medical education. The leading factor in his decision was the small class sizes offered at the school which meant more emphasis on the interaction between students and professors. MUA has a 7:1 student-faculty ratio to ensure students have maximal exposure to our expert professors throughout their time at medical school.

As well as the personalized learning experience, Faran describes how he benefited from MUA’s affordable education through the federal loans and highlights the importance of MUA’s high pass rate for the USMLE Step 1 exam and impressive residency match rate.

While answering frequently asked questions such as ‘what are clinical rotations like?’, Faran explains what a typical day in the life of a med student consists of. He also speaks about the Basic Science program at MUA which provides students with extensive theoretical knowledge that will assist them both in the practice of medicine and in performing well on licensing examinations. When asked about the professors at the school, Faran says he has met his best mentors in life at MUA and continues to learn from them every step of the way toward becoming a doctor.

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