Surgeons in the Medical Room

A Critical Care Patient Becomes a Doctor

From Patient to Doctor: Brian Chwiecko’s Story.

Born with a condition called transposition of the great arteries, Brian Chwiecko was a critical care patient before he even knew it. Required to check in with a cardiologist every year of his life, it was no surprise when he decided that medicine would be his career.

At MUA he was a standout student, scoring in the top 2.5% on the USMLE. It was during his MUA clinical rotations in Louisiana that he found his calling, in effect pulled back to his infancy in critical care. Today, he’s a resident in in his hometown of Reading, PA, in Reading Hospital’s three-year internal medicine program, his No. 1 choice, heading for a fellowship in…what else would you expect?: pulmonology and critical care.

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