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NYC COVID Crisis: Through the Eyes of a Graduate

Recent MUA graduate shares his experience on the frontlines of the COVID outbreak in NYC.

From the front lines of the Covid outbreak in NYC writes recent MUA graduate, MD, Anthony Ramdass:

 “COVID has transformed our lives, both in the healthcare field and with families. It has been like a scene from a horror movie. Daily I saw at least 10-15 patients die, helplessly without their families at their side. Walking in the Emergency room, patients were stacked upon each other, and every turn I made I saw a corpse. 

 It has been a horrible but excellent learning experience for me. Especially when my wife and I contracted the Virus in late March; the unknown and unpredictability of the symptoms were terrifying. Luckily we both recovered after 1 week and back to work. I have learned to be more empathetic and humble with my patients.

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