Seth Haydel: Life as a Med Student in the Caribbean

Seth Haydel: Life as a Med Student in the Caribbean

Follow Seth Haydel’s journey from Louisiana to Nevis, where he realized his dream of becoming a doctor with MUA.

Born and raised in Houma, Louisiana, third-year medical student at MUA, Seth Haydel, explains his decision to move to Nevis with his family to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

Seth has not once regretted that decision as he continues his medical journey with MUA, currently completing his clinical rotations. So far, he has completed core rotations in internal medicine and surgery and electives in ambulatory internal medicine, physical medicine, and rehabilitation.

Seth was working in medical device sales when he first heard about Medical School of the Americas from a practicing doctor who had been on a similar path as him before pursuing a medical education in the Caribbean at MUA. After taking the leap of faith, Seth explains he and his family took full advantage of living on Nevis Island and miss it every day.

Seth answered a wide range of frequently asked questions from prospective students including questions about the clinical rotations process and the Basic Sciences program at MUA. He explained how the extensive Basic Sciences curriculum gave him the skills and knowledge required to succeed during his time in clinical rotations.

While answering the questions, Seth described what a day in the life of a med student looks like during clinical rotations, from the morning report to the feedback you receive on the floor from senior doctors. He also provides a comparison between the different rotations and the confidence he felt going into clinical rotations after the Basic Sciences program.

When asked about MUA’s involvement in the clinical rotations process, Seth explains the role that MUA plays in understanding what it is that you want to experience. This is done through a one-to-one interview with the Clinical Dean who asks questions such as when, where, and what you want to match in. He explains that MUA is very helpful throughout the whole process and cares about the students on rotations.

A key message that Seth sends across to prospective students is that your effort must match your dream as a medical student.

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