MUA Clinical Student Receives the Premier of Nevis Award

It’s true that classrooms, labs and exams are the focus of a medical student’s time at MUA, but there’s more to medical school than just that. MUA fosters a sense of community and engagement, and recognizes those who give their time to help others.

Troy Hamner, currently a third year medical student at Medical University of the Americas, won the Premier of Nevis Award after he completed the Basic Sciences Program on the island. Troy was actively involved in the school during the Basic Sciences program, working as a teaching assistant in histology, biochemistry, neurology, and systems and disease. Troy also volunteered at Nevis Animal Speak, the local animal welfare association on Nevis.

Nevis Animal Speak is a not-for-profit organisation that helps provide animal care on the island and aims to give better care to pets. Troy worked closely with staff providing an extra hand, whether that was managing the retail shop or helping with events that they provided. No matter how big or small, every contribution to make the world a better place counts tremendously.

Congratulations to Troy on his great achievement!


Troy Hamner, a third year medical student at MUA


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