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MUA Students Reviews & Testimonials

Since its founding in 1998, Medical University of the Americas has awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree to nearly 1,600 graduates. As measured by the residency appointments and professional accomplishments of our graduates, the most important measure of any school, MUA has been extremely successful. That success begins with exceptional performance on the critical USMLE Step 1 exam, between 2015 and 2020, the first time pass rate averaged 98% - a consistently strong performance.

2022 Residency Placements

Congratulations to all of our recent MUA Grads! Please view our top appointments in U.S. & Canada. 

Residency Placements in recent years:

Residency placements of MUA students in recent years

Post-Graduate Programs

A sampling of some post-graduate programs where MUA students have placed includes:

  • Albert Einstein (Neurology)
  • Case Western Reserve (Emergency Medicine)
  • Cleveland Clinic Health System – Fairview Hospital (Surgery)
  • Duke University (Psychiatry)
  • Louisiana State University (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
  • Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, St. Cloud, MN (Family Medicine)
  • Michigan State University (Family Medicine)
  • New York Medical College (Surgery)
  • Queen’s University (Pediatrics)
  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center – Connecticut (Diagnostic Radiology)
  • Tulane (Neurology)
  • University of Arizona (Internal Medicine)
  • University of Florida (Pathology, Pediatrics)
  • University of Nevada (Surgery)
  • University of North Carolina (Anesthesiology)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Anesthesiology)
  • University of Saskatchewan (Surgery)
  • University of Tennessee (Urology)
  • University of Toronto (Neurosurgery)

Our successful MUA Graduate, Andy Truong

Launching a Career in Anesthesiology
Hear from Andy Truong as he sings the praises of Medical University of Americas along with his experience of moving to Nevis Island based in the Caribbean. Learn how the first semester was the hardest, with regular class tests to maintain the high-quality graduates that MUA produces. 


Grail Sisters

Two sisters graduate from MUA and had an amazing experience. Hear about their experiences and why they chose medical school.

Ronald Russo

Discover how Ronald found his passion from a young age for medicine and join him on his journey as he found MUA and really furthered his passion.

An Upper Edge for Getting a Residency

Hear from Lavinya as she talks about her experience of MUA. Hear first hand how she believes MUA gave her an upper edge against the competition.

Samir Gandhi

Samir Gandhi is an MUA graduate who attained a residency at the University

FB Live with Ivy Zhang

Listen in to our FB Live Featuring Ivy Zhang as she talks about her time whilst studying with Medical University of the Americas.

A Day in the Life of MUA Student, Camellia

Explore Camellia's time at MUA as she talks about her experience whilst studying with us in the Caribbean.

Jennifer Ingersoll - Coming Home to North Carolina

Jennifer now has a residency at Vidant Medical Centre in Greenville. Hear her experience of studying with MUA and why she chose to study in the Caribbean.

Baieruss Trinos - Becoming a Hospitalist

Hear from Baieruss as he talks about his time at MUA and how he secured a residency at the University of Toronto.

Stefan's insight into Pre-Med program

Hear from Canadian MUA student, Stefan Zlatanov about his experience at MUA and the Pre-Med Program.

Clement Aroh talking about his professors, and his life as a student at MUA

Follow Aroh's medical journey. As a resident in Los Angeles, he chose MUA as his number one choice.

Alum Dr. Zakious Tracey

Head of Admissions, Sarah Russell, speaks to MUA student Zakious Tracey about why he chose MUA, how he discovered the medical school and what his experience has been like.

Brian Chwiecko

Hear how Brian Chwiecko went from a young heart patient to becoming a doctor.

Adnan Qureshi - Earning a Surgery Residency

Learn how Adnan secured a surgery residency at the University of Toronto

Mamoona Rafiq - Coming Home to Practice in Toronto

Follow Mamoona's journey as she talks about her time at MUA and returning home to practice in Toronto, Canada.

Emily Kurokawa - "MUA Was There for Me."

Emily recalls her time at MUA, discussing student life, the support available and how it prepared her to secure a residency at Medical College of Georgia.

Graduate profiles

Puja Naik, MD

Puja Naik, MD

CEO, Neurology and Epilepsy Specialists, LLC.
"I had great experiences at MUA, and close and personal relationships with the professors there because of the small class size. MUA taught me to be more flexible and more adaptable to changing situations and this has greatly benefitted me in my medical career."
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Eyad Ahmed, MD

Eyad Ahmed, MD

Internal Medicine Resident
“The happiest day of my life was when MUA decided to take a chance on me and accept me into the school. It is a dream come true that now, as a graduate of MUA, I have matched with a residency 30 minutes from where I grew up.”
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Dorothy Ann Sparks, MD, FACS

Dorothy Ann Sparks, MD, FACS

Acute Care Surgeon University of Tennessee Methodist University Hospital
For a growing number of MD’s, including Dorothy Sparks, medicine was not their first choice. Dorothy had a degree in engineering and a career in academia when she decided to get her MD at Medical University of the Americas. Today she's an acute care surgeon in Tennessee.
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Danielle Massarella, MD

Danielle Massarella, MD

Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital
Danielle excelled throughout all ten semesters at MUA and was the recipient of the Dean of Clinical Medicine Award at her graduation in 2013. “After my clinicals I felt so well prepared and comfortable. I really had excellent training.”
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Richard Rousseau, MD

Richard Rousseau, MD

Anesthesiology Residency at Louisiana State
"MUA really prepared me. From doing didactics and clinical skills training on the island I found that when I went on to clinicals I really knew what I was doing. The foundation that MUA gives you is very strong."
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Zakious Tracey, MD

Zakious Tracey, MD

Radiology Intern Residenct at Louisiana State Health Sciences Center
"The teachers were very knowledgeable, and they know if you have pre-read the materials. They really cared and check to make sure that you are understanding all that they are teaching. That’s really the beauty of the small class size. To be honest, it also helped build my self-study habits by reading ahead."
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Syed Imran Zaidi and Fazila Zaidi

Syed Imran Zaidi and Fazila Zaidi

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residencies in Tennessee
Matching into a residency as a couple is a difficult feat, particularly when both are hopeful to achieve their first choice in residency.  For both Imran and Fazila all went well, with Imran matching into Internal Medicine and Fazila into Pediatrics together in Tennessee.
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Junaid Munshi, MD

Junaid Munshi, MD

Preceptor in St. Louis
Doing well in his clinical rotations, Junaid began a residency in Family Medicine at Louisiana State University Medical Center and distinguished himself with the “Resident Teaching Award”, “Research and Scholarly Activity Award” as well as the highest Step 3 score in his residency class.
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Areef Kassam, MD

Areef Kassam, MD

Psychiatry Residency at Community Health Network, Indianapolis
Trained as a psychiatrist and devoted to children, Areef Kassam is in the wonderful position of combining two of his passions. While completing his psychiatric residency in Indianapolis, Areef was also working in the city’s juvenile court system, serving as a special advocate for children.
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