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The Clinical Program at Medical University of the Americas

MUA students experience clinical rotations at various U.S. teaching hospitals, ensuring an abundance of placements across different medical environments.

Dr. Paula Habib, Associate Dean Clinical Medicine:

“In the MUA Clinical program, students rotate at a variety of teaching hospitals around the United States, all over from California to Florida. We have plenty of opportunities in rural areas, urban areas, suburban areas. We provide opportunities for the students in a variety of atmospheres because that’s actually how medicine should be taught and should be learned in today’s world, where there is a wide variety of pathology, a wide variety of patient populations. And most importantly, we actually have an abundance of spots, more than enough for all of our students, so we never have limitations in terms of placing our students at these hospitals around the country. We closely monitor our supply and demand and make sure that there is always enough learning opportunity for all of our students at our program.”

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